We are first and foremost a professional fuel polishing and tank cleaning company that specializes in cleaning gasoline or diesel fuel and fuel tanks. As part of our overall process of restoring and then maintaining fuels at their specified levels, our fuel additive products are an integral part of helping to prevent and keep your fuel problem-free.

Do Fuel Additives Really Work?

We understand the skepticism and confusion you have regarding fuel additives. There is an overwhelming number of options and opinions about which is best. We can and do prove the value of our additives on a daily basis by using them ourselves in our business and achieving visible and actual results.

Originally we developed additives strictly for our own use to aid in the fuel and fuel tank cleaning (polishing) process. However, our fuel and tank cleaning clients were so astounded by the superior results of our professional tank cleaning/fuel restoration service they demanded access to the chemicals we use for ongoing maintenance.

Our clients quickly discovered that our industrial strength, state-of-the-art additives prevented

  • water issues in ethanol blended fuels or ultra-low Sulphur diesel
  • added MPG
  • reduced smoke/emissions
  • added lubrication
  • stabilized fuel 12-18 months

Why Our Fuel Additive Works

Unlike other additives we do not add dangerous explosive chemicals to boost the fuel and we do not use alcohols or alcohol derivatives. Our “GAS-SHOK & DESL-SHOK”™ products are a blend of several highly modified pure petroleum ingredients that work by changing the molecular structure of the fuel.

To explain it in simple terms, our fuel additives dramatically increase the ability of the fuel to absorb more oxygen during the high heat created during the combustion process. Therefore you are burning 10-20% more of the fuel and losing less of it out the exhaust. The fuel actually produces more horsepower, MPG and less smoke and pollution from each gallon of fuel.

In addition we add stabilizers that prevent water issues and concentrated synthetic lubricants that will typically double the life of your fuel pump and injectors which can save you thousands in down time and maintenance.

Our additives are available to the public through our dealer network and come in 8 oz. or 32 oz. containers. The 8 oz. size treats 80 gallons of fuel. The 32 oz. treats 320 gallons of fuel.

Find out how our guaranteed mobile fuel polishing service prevents costly damage to your marine, commercial or industrial tank. Contact Us today.

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Find out how our guaranteed mobile fuel polishing service can prevent costly tank damage to your commercial/industrial generators and more. Contact Us today.

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